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Milkyway & Lucy
I thought it was high time I introduce you to the goats! Meet  Milkyway and Lucy.

They are Purebred Oberhasli dairy goats. I decided some time ago after researching dairy goats that we would go with the Oberhasli breed.

There are several reasons I decided on Oberhasli but at the top of the list is they are listed on the ALBC website as "recovering".

Although as a whole, the breed is recovering in the US, these numbers include the American Oberhasli which is a Purebred Oberhasli buck bred to an Alpine doe. (American Oberhasli look exactly the same so the paperwork is the only way to tell.)

Then the offspring is bred to a Purebred Oberhasli. This continues for I believe three generations and then that generation can be registered as an American Oberhasli.

Purebred Oberhasli on the other hand, can be traced back to Switzerland with no Alpine influence.

Purebreds are actually in decline in the US since American Oberhasli are readily available to breeders and the Purebreds are harder to find.

We are currently milking two does and have purchased a buck so next Spring should find us with more Purebred Oberhasli goats!

Another reason I went with Oberhasli is they have a good reputation for milk that is very close to cows milk in taste. My family can't tell a difference in the goat milk and whole cows milk from the store.

Two milking does provide way more milk than we can drink so the pigs and chickens are enjoying the milk as well. The whole farm is enjoying all the health benefits of raw milk!




Sheril Carey
10/31/2010 7:22pm

Ever think of offering a few herd shares? I was so excited when the state supreme court ruled that there was no way to hold that as illegal.

11/06/2010 7:23pm

we save a ton of money using our goat's milk for the barnyard..and the pigs go 'hog wild' for it.

11/07/2010 4:45am

It's really just an 'old time' method of farming. Any old agriculture book talks about having pigs around the dairy farm to make use of excess products.

Funny how so much of the old ways of farming are coming back around...

Great blog by the way!

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